Perfect night
"You cannot appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these five shining lights".
Perfect night
Yovi. 19. Chile. SHINee. Taemin is everything. % @taemisuu 14.04.06 ♡
Omygod im crying. Im incoherent. You're just awesome, i dont know how i would put into words how beautiful you make your edits. Taemin is beautiful himself but you're making him surreal and ethereal, it's blinding. You just put magic and im speechless. I love you, really. Idol

let me hug you ;;;; omg you’re super sweet, i don’t know what to say too… thank you so much.This message right here was so much more than just compliments to me! you are the awesome one ;; thaaaaaaaank you sweetie u 3 u<3

**Thank you to all the beautiful people who sent me kind messages, i love you all guys <3 <3 

this is the cutest blog ever. ;_;

omg, i’m crying ;; thank you so sososo much!!! ;_; <3

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